SRQ119361 - TypeScript engineer (RM Janet)

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TypeScript engineer 

Philips Eindhoven


1 Main Expertise and Knowledge 

Required experience

• Very experienced with design and development of web-based user interfaces in JavaScript.

• Experience with following JavaScript frameworks (JQuery, Angular 2).

• Experience with designing and development JavaScript toolkits and/or frameworks.

• Experience with TypeScript programming language.

• Experience with building a toolchain using Webpack.

• Experience with Windows programming and Visual Studio.

• Fluent in English, both verbal and in writing.


Optionally desired experience, which would be an advantage

• Experience with design and development of HTML5 mobile and responsive solutions.

• Experience with working in medical device industry, and familiar with its special characteristics.


Special characteristics

• High quality and improvement attitude.

• Independent worker with fast learning attitude.

• Experience with multi-cultural environment and multi-site project set up.


2 General Key Areas of Responsibility             

• Responsible for the definition, design, implementation, testing and deployment of a (set of) software components meeting the applicable quality requirements.

• Co-responsible with his/her team for reliable program increment plan and sprint plan.

• Performs spikes in order to reduce technical risk in support of reliable effort estimation and shares the results and conclusions with the team.

• Participates in grooming features and detailing them in user stories.

• Participates in effort estimation by defining and estimating work-break-downs.

• Collaborates with other teams in case of cross team dependencies.

• Responsible for realizing features and user stories according to the definition of done as defined by the Agile Release Train, covering:

• Updating requirements in requirements management tool.

• Design, both test design and product design, guarding backwards compatibility.

• Coding in compliance to the defined coding standards and guidelines, keeping up zero regression.

• Performing peer reviews.

• Automated Testing (on every level of the test pyramid, updated in test management tool).

• Presenting final feature in demo’s.

• Ensuring readiness for future feature release, provide input for sprint release notes.

• Maintains software, design, and requirements by solving and verifying defects.

• Consults other software engineers, architects and other relevant disciplines.

• Supports software integration by stakeholders.

• Draws up his/her personal schedule and reports on progress.


3 Necessary Know-How / Skills 

• Practical experience in an Agile environment, preferably in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

• Bachelor degree in computer science or has reached this level through training or experience.

• Very experienced in the JavaScript technologies.

• Experience in the programming languages C/C++ or C# / .NET or Java.

• Good documentation and reporting abilities.

• Good communication skills.

• Disciplined team worker.

• Analytical, creative and abstract thinker.


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