SRQ119979 - CI/CD DevOps Automation Engineer (323762)

Work location:
Starting date:
Ending date:
Hours per week:

As a CI/CD DevOps Automation Engineer you will be working together with other colleagues in a squad and you will be responsible for delivering efficient and maintainable code which is well documented.
Your main focus will be on:

  • Responsible for Build Tool (Jenkins) in setting up High availability, Supporting existing customers, Storage techniques and Vulnerability Checks/Secured.
  • Responsible for maintaining infrastructure ING Cloud in Mesos Cluster with large number of Build servers.
  • Improving our continuous integration, increasing our automated test coverage, and helping us get to the next level of maturity with respect to Continuous Delivery.

In addition to being part of a squad, you will also contribute to:

  • Streamlining the chapter’s development process from code check-ins, automated deployment and acceptance testing, all the way towards production.

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