SRQ122047 - Java developer (with opportunity to learn Mendix) 336103

Work location:
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Context en omschrijving
Building on a new application for Financial Restructering and Recovery (FR&R). FR&R focusses on helping companies that are struggling financially but if a company does go bankrupt recover collateral.
FR&R is using old applications that are end of life so this team is setting up a new application using (REST) services with a java backend and a flexible frontend (Mendix on Azure).
With the following results                     
Building on the 1st version of this application and putting the MVP live (End of this year)
Replacing the old system Increase before the end of 2019
Building in all features required for FR&R
Integrating the application in the current landscape using services
-       Java, Spring, Springboot and Hybernate programming
-       Javascript and CSS
-       Working with SOAP and REST services
-       Experience with tools like; Bittbucket, Jenkins,  Webshere, SQL Developer
-       Knowledge of  CI/CD.
-       SQL queries and SQL databases
-       Agile way of working (SCRUM)
-       Experience with front-end development (screen design)
Optional/ pre/ wensen
-      Experience with tools like; HP fortify, U-Deploy,  HP ALM, JIRA, Confluence
-      Cloud based technologies like Docker.
-      Knowledge of testing and test automation,
-      AZURE cloud
-      Security implementation with SSL/MA
-      Experience in working with bank related projects
-      Risk specific knowledge is a pré.
-      Knowledge of and working with Mendix and interaction with REST services, or willing to learn
Soft skills:
-       Team player
-       Good communication skills in English
-       Dare to speak up
-       Minimal 5 years experience in ICT
-       Able and willing to contact people in other teams.
-       Conceptual thinker
-       Quick learner and willing to learn from other team members
-       Willing to learn new technologies

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