SRQ122377 - Executive JML/CAR Coordinator 8772962 RMD337932

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As an Executive JML/CAR Coordinator you will be responsible for the end to end coordination of global executive level Joiners, Movers and Leavers (JML). Additionally you will also be responsible for the coordination of the Executive Client Asset Refresh (CAR) process. You will coordinate with multiple locations, focal points and technical teams on a daily basis and act as primary focal point for all parties involved in case of technical problems and questions. As you will be the primary focal point it is important you have a pro-active mindset and the ability to coordinate and delegate effectively. You will translate technical issues into laymen terms for all stakeholders involved. You will work in a executive / critical end-user environment. This means you will have to be able to communicate at all levels in a professional manner. You will make use of available templates and process documentation. Documenting and structuring are important aspects of the job.
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Qualification, Technical Skills and Experience:
•           Minimum Vocational/Diploma/Associate Degree (technical field) equivalent
•           At least 2-3 years of working experience in related field(s)
•           Must have excellent language skills, both written and verbal (face to face and over the phone) in both the local language and English
•           Able to communicate at all organizational levels
•           Sensitive to non-verbal communication and able to adequately respond to that
•           Managing expectations and effective communications with the most senior Executives in the company are key skill requirements
•           Working experience using ITIL processes (ITIL Foundation Certification preferred)
•           Experience with Microsoft Skype and Microsoft Office 365
•           Executive presence and professionalism
•           Take ownership / pro-active approach and working under high pressure

•           Experience in dealing with customers in stressful situations
•           Intermediate level of MS Excel and SharePoint 2010
•           Good understanding of Agile methodologies and practices

Soft Skills and Experience:

  • Customer Focus
    • Ability to see his/her own area of expertise fit in with other parts of the organization
    • To provide excellent service to the customer.
      Ability to prioritize, understand the customer’s business and the impact degradation or loss of service this would have
  • Structured Approach
    • Adheres to standards and works in a structured way, enabling cross-boundary teamwork
    • Sees the necessity of documenting and sharing knowledge, thus working in a professional manner and fostering team spirit
    • Understanding of and prior experience with the ITIL standards or similar, for process aligned IT delivery organizations, is preferred
  • Troubleshooting
    • Excellent troubleshooting skills to solve problems in a short timeframe
    • Excellent problem analytical skills.
  • Communicator
    • Must have excellent language skills, both written and verbal (Dutch and English)
    • Excellent communications skills are a must; on the phone as well as face to face
    • Can communicate at all levels (Top-Bottom and vice versa)
  • Stress handling
    • Ability to handle stressful situations
  • Planning, organizational and time management skills
    • Must be able to plan and organize in order to Coordinate JML’s and CAR’s
    • Must be able to perform mailbox management and assign tasks
    • Must be able to deliver successful JML/CARs through others
    • Must have strong communication skills and the ability to coordinate/delegate effectively


  • Operate in a team (~10) of Executive IT Support engineers on site for a group of senior Shell Executives (30 – 150)
  • Interacting with a range of local and virtual IT Support Teams
  • Reports to an Executive Support Service Manager
  • Number of direct report: 0
  • Number of indirect reports: 0

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