SRQ123895 - Sr. Web developer .Net (RM Carla)

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Starting date:
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Role:    Sr  Frontend Web developer .Net
Open for non-Dutch speaking candidate: yes, preference for NL, please make sure the candidates reside in NL already, start of the project cannot be delayed.
CV in English

We need an additional member for a team of 4 senior developers that we could use to UI port code from Innova V5 to Innova V6. The other consultants all have an flexible, easy-going attitude and we are looking for someone who is ‘young at heart’ to join this team.
Additional information: We are looking for an additional Sr. .Net candidate who has proven experience re MES/ERP/Logistic systems (or similar). Someone who has both front ánd back end experience would be ideal.
Skills requirements: Proven track record for developing Web products/tools (not web sites), experience with C#, Web development and Web  frameworks,  Angular. 
Please make sure your candidate is interested in working in a production environment. 

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