SRQ123901 - Senior IT Development Engineer Amazon Web Services Professional 347094

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Preparing Amazon Web Services for use as a generic platform in ABN AMRO 

Supporting DevOps teams wishing to use AWS (Solution Architecture, Solution Design, Solution Engineering) 

Maintaining Automated Compliance Framework to ensure DevOps teams use AWS securely and efficiently (AWS Config rules, Lambda, Python) 

Preparing individual AWS Services for risk assessment: determine security standards, write code for compliance checks 

Maintaining generic AWS infrastructure (Transit Gateway, VPC Peering, Route53 resolvers, Trend Micro Deep Security) 

Maintaining approved and hardened OS builds (Amazon Linux, CentOs, Red Hat Enteprise Linux, Windows Server 2016) 

Processing firewall requests (between AWS and On-Premises) 

Maintaining Reference Architectures and Cloud Formation Templates  

Maintaining Service Catalogue of Orderable Items 

Responding to Support Tickets (E-mail, Slack, ServiceNow) 

Providing SLA for Platform Availability (on-call NOT required) 

Organizing demos (new features, best practices) 

Responding to risks & vulnerabilities identified during audits and PEN-testing 

Performing Vulnerability scans on running instances where needed (using Nessus) 

Engaging with AWS support 

Acting as a Center of Expertise for AWS (Development Support) 

Promoting Public Cloud Adoption 

Documenting Architectural Designs and Decisions 

Transferring knowledge to Application Development & Maintenance vendors


Relevant knowledge:


IT-related Bachelor or Master Degree  

Experience & Skills: 

Minumum of 5 years experience in IT (Linux, Windows) and at least 1 year with AWS Cloud 

Excellent scripting skills (Python, Bash, JSON, YAML) 

Fluent in AWS Cloudformation 

In-Depth knowledge of AWS Config, S3, Cloudwatch, Lamdba, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, EC2, Route53, etc. 

Solid understanding of networking and network security



Minimum of 2 AWS Associate Certifications (AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator) 

Preferably at least one AWS Professional (AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer) 


Happy to work in an International Team 

Sense of Humor 

Familiar with Agile / Scrum


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