SRQ123903 - IT Wizard met kennis van Security vakgebied 347188

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Overall programma coördinatie 
Postionering en communicatie Green Light concept ism communicatie experts en in relatie tot andere strategische initiatieven zoals sustainability movement en I&T transformation 
Verder ontwikkelen en implementeren plan van aanpak ten aanzien van het creëren van bankbrede security community. Te denken valt aan mede-coördinatie security events (bv. driedaagse CISO conferentie mei 2019), stimuleren bankbrede triangles security topics, kennissessies 
Verder vormgeven en implementeren security pathways - leerpaden - in lijn met ABN AMRO HR visie op leren en in samenwerking met verschillende disciplines binnen CISO. Hierbij valt ooik te denken aan ontwikkelen didactische capabilities van CISO collega's
Cyber attacks are rapidly becoming an all too regular topic in the news - whether you've heard about a Facebook incident, a Yahoo incident, a SWIFT incident, a SONY incident or any other cyber incident, I know that you have become aware of the problem. With this increase in cyber attacks, ABN AMRO needs to make sure that it does everything it can not to become part of the statistics. Unfortunately, you may not know what you can do to address this problem and you may think that you can rely on CISO to defend it all. Although CISO would love to be able to do this, it is not realistic. Security is not something you can slap on by making a department responsible for it. Security needs to be embedded in all the processes and products we build. 
This is where
GreenLight comes in...we realize that if we want this to become a reality, we need to make sure that our collegeaus embrace it and that they can make it part of their processes and products. Are we pushing the work to them? Absolutely not. The responsibility for security was always shared. Instead, we want to create the opportunity for more employees to learn about security and become better partners in this effort. We want to make sure we include security earlier in the design and the validation of our products and services. We want to make sure that their not slowed down by security and that they can push products to the market fast but still knowing that they have done all they could to prevent becoming tomorrow's headlines.
is about embedding security but also about simplifying it so that it becomes a natural element of ABN AMRO's brand -- we need your help to get there.
Profiel kandidaat 
Analytisch en strategisch denkvermogen; 
Tegelijkertijd pragmatisch en organisatorisch sterk;  
Kennis van het security vakgebied; 
Netwerker en verbinder;  
Communicatief sterk;  

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