SRQ124373 - Projectmanager II DesignSync server upgrades (RM Carla) 352920

Work location:
Starting date:
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Hours per week:

Specific Job Characteristics
• Challenging position in a dynamic business environment on the border of IT and R&D
• Supporting and improving a modern Design Data Management application landscape
• Customer focused working environment 
• Managing a project in the Design Data Management space to upgrade the environment for the NXP design community

Knowledge and Experience
• At least 5 years experience with project management, the Prince2 methodology, and agile way-of-working
• Strong knowledge of DesignSync for Design Data Management
• Experienced in working with Linux environments

In addition, the following would be considered a plus
• Knowledge of IC hardware design processes
• Experience with issue tracking workflows and systems
• Knowledge of and experience with ITIL processes

Social Skills 
• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
• Team player
• Ability to lead an international project team

Language Skills: English, Dutch
Specific Educational Requirements: HBO/WO

Summary of the Project and Department
The Design Data Management (DDM) team supports various applications that enable the worldwide designer community to collaborate in an effective way and ensure high quality designs of new products. The DDM team provides a number of “off the shelf” applications to support Configuration Management and Change Control. Approximately 6000 R&D Engineers located at the various sites worldwide use the applications that are provided by the DDM team.

One of the key platforms in the DDM space is DesignSync for HW design data management. 
Currently, a number of DesignSync servers are at a version that is no longer supported by the vendor or will get out of support during the course of 2019. 
In 2019, we want to upgrade some 500 DesignSync servers to the latest version available from the vendor. This entails an excellent communication with the design teams to minimize impact on their activities.

The DDM DesignSync team is part of the Product Creation Applications team in the IT department, and is located in Eindhoven, Bangalore, Noida and Austin.

Problem solving Capabilities
• Results oriented
• Able to determine the severity of a reported issue
• Able to execute root cause analysis
• Ability to organize own activities and finish activities independently

We are looking for a Design Data Management DesignSync project manager to strengthen the DDM team to:
• Take care of the project management tasks and drive the “DesignSync server upgrades” project to completion
• Provide regular status reporting on the project to the Project Board
• Work with the design teams to plan the upgrades and to minimize the disruption for them while upgrading their DesignSync servers
• Upgrade DesignSync servers, with the help of the project team in Bangalore
• Support the design teams with any issue because of the DesignSync server upgrade

Personal Characteristics
• Energetic, eager, strong analytical skills, finisher, hands on
• Quality driven, customer-service oriented
• Organize own activities, independent, pro-active and takes up responsibility
• Able to analyze and resolve issues in a structured way 

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