SRQ124410 - Software Engineer (353379)

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Wij zijn op zoek naar een Software Engineer voor onze klant in Den Haag
Inzet per 21-01-2019
Inzetperiode: 3 maanden
optie op verlenging: ja
Contracturen: 36 uur per week
Tarief: marktconform

As a Software Engineer you will be part of a New Business team, working on new products, side by side with business, IT, infra, start-ups, etc. You are expected to master or contribute to multiple innovation disciplines as are, negotiation, analysis, design, coding, test, implementation and troubleshooting when needed.
This IT Department New Business drives the growth of new products and services like Internet of Things, Smart Home, Security and E-identification. We focus on the co-creation of products and business models. We often work greenfield, experiment, fail fast and learn fast. We work together as a team, without strict boundaries on roles and responsibilities. We focus on adding customer value, show guts and gain glory as a team.
Technium is the IT department and the Technium New Business teams work closely together with New Business in feature based BusDevOps teams.
Hard Skills

  • Having knowledge of Cloud solutions, CI/CD, Java, Python, SQL, HTML5, JavaScript, REST, JSON, SOAP, open API/Swagger, Monitoring tools and Websecurity
  • Having Knowledge of the functionality of the software package/SAAS /modules
  • Knowledge of the relevant business processes and Business Process Redesign
  • Knowledge of operational processes (like ITIL)

Soft Skills

  • You  have a Team mentality, adaptability  (New environments / concepts / methods), being communicative, helpful and have a can do mentality

What do we expect from you

  • Building and managing relationships with stakeholders
  • Advise customer on to improvements based on new organizational insights
  • Investigate new releases and advise how new features can be used or customizations can be phased out


  • Translate the business requirements to functionalities
  • Define the most optimal solutions and make functional designs
  • Continuously improving effectivity & quality of services and information products
  • Applying the KPN data policies , Compliancy rules and AVG

Build and test

  • Develop high quality software/services (code, test, build, maintain)
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Challenge and peer review code
  • Check, Create or adjust code to correct, add or change features
  • Configure systems, test and implement changes


  • Help key users by answering questions and help them in unexpected circumstances.
  • Contact person for the technical staff (DBA, Infra, Manufacturer)
  • Monitor the system performances
  • All operations processes (ITIL) like incident, problem, config, patch management, LCM and Config (CMDB up-to-date)
  • Vulnerability management

Start datum
Eind datum
21-04-2019 ( met optie op verlenging)
Uw aanbiedingsmail bestaat uit een Nederlandstalig CV in Word van maximaal 4-6 pagina’s ontdaan van logo`s, bedrijfsnamen, tarieven etc.

In de aanbieding ook graag vermelden:

  • of de kandidaat een ZZP-er is; Bij Payroll constructie OOK aangeven of dit volgens payroll cao Uitzendbranche is, of tijdelijk contract.
  • minimale en maximale contracturen;
  • datum beschikbaarheid, eventuele vakanties of belemmeringen;
  • lopende aanbiedingen en intakes.

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