SRQ124736 - Sr. Technical Support Engineer Skype (357048)

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Sr. Technical Support Engineer Skype 

Rol                                                      : Sr. Technical Support Engineer Skype
Klant                                                    : SHELL
Standplaats                                        : Rijswijk
Start                                                    : 18-2-2019
Eind                                                    : 17-6-2019
Verlengbaar                                       : ja
Uren                                                   : 40


  • Proactive Management o Setting up targeted reporting as per the VQ Concept methodology and other deemed necessary reports (above and beyond base reporting).
  • Baselining data / reports to set targets for VQ.
  • Monitoring back end performance for Lync / Skype for Business and measuring against target
  • Reviewing the targets periodically.
  • Having access to monitoring systems and being proficient in interpreting the VQ metrics and back end data such as SCOM and coming up with improvement areas.
  • Regular audits of performance metrics to ensure incremental improvements.
  • Using tooling proactively to identify if issues flagged by measured data are resulting in user experience issues, and prioritising remediation work appropriately.
  • Managing improvement initiatives with suppliers / internal teams to drive VQ performance improvements.
  • Raising proactively identified issues to the relevant resolver groups with clear data on root cause or potential root cause obtained from monitoring systems.
  • Chasing down improvement initiatives within Shell cross functional areas and supplier. 

Reactive Management

  • Providing support to ET SOM / LOI teams during an incident / Situation to help diagnose root cause of an issue so that it can be passed to relevant resolver groups within 3rd party supplier teams.
  • Having a structured methodology in place to drive to root cause / trouble shooting for VQ at various levels (user, site, network etc.).
  • Set up tools / dashboards in line with troubleshooting methodology to aid fast root cause analysis.


  • Provide targeted management reports showing VQ performance and general Skype performance over time (Trend reporting)
  • Provide targeted working level reports to manage supplier and solution performance
  • Create new reports as required and become proficient to create own reports
  • Create reports based on User Satisfaction surveys 


  • There will be a requirement to define working process for managing the VQ with internal teams and partners.
  • Process for monitoring back end performance and the Eco systems for Skype for optimum performance.
  • Responsible for ensuring continual improvement
  • Need to develop a program of continual and measurable improvement for Voice Quality and general Skype performance.
  • To report progress against that plan to Operations Management.
  • To set up a Shell Operations Forum to review performance, present outputs and obtain steer. 

Communications Materials

  • Initiate the sending of targeted comms material (via relevant Business Readiness teams) to users or groups that need information to improve their VQ experience
  • Working with ET SOM Engagement Team to: 
  •  Ensure users impacted by operational voice quality issues are communicated to in a timely manner. 
  •  Target appropriate user groups with behavioural change messages. Interfaces 
  •  To manage and maintain relations with the following areas:

- Liaise with Supplier Management teams to ensure our supplier is meeting SLA and performance targets
- Liaise with supplier technical and service teams
- Ongoing interaction with LOI / ET SOM and other Shell operations groups o Interface to Business SOMs o Interface with supplier to review Skype performance as needed o Interface to Microsoft and other Eco System suppliers Systems to be Used § Power BI §MS Excel § Lync / Skype Monitoring Server § PowerSuite (by Unify Square) to include Voice Quality, Synthetic Transactions and SDN § Aternity § Riverbed § SCOM § Skype Heartbeat

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