SRQ126069 - Scrum Master

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Deadline: 27-2-2019 om 12:00
Standplaats: Utrecht
Inzet: z.s.m. t/m 31-12-2019 voor 36 uur per week

2 dagen inwerken tegen nultarief
Language : English and Dutch

Scrum Master

We are looking for a dedicated scrum master

A dedicated scrum master performs this role for one or two teams.

You need the have the capabilities to perform the following roles as scrum master/coach;

Impediment Remover solves blocking issues to the team’s progress, taking into account the self-organizing capabilities of the team
Facilitator sets the stage and provides clear boundaries in which the team can collaborate. Facilitates the events ensuring they’ll achieve the desired outcome. Even more important: facilitates the necessary transparency by which true inspection and adaption can occur
Coach coaches the individual with a focus on mindset and behavior, the team in continuous improvement and the organization in truly collaborating with the team
Servant Leader focuses on the needs of the team members and those they serve (the customer), with the goal of achieving results in line with the organization's values, principles, and business objectives
Change Agent enables a culture in which teams can flourish
Mentor transfers agile knowledge and experience to the team

• You are an experienced certified scrum master
• You can facilitate and coach individuals and teams with ease.
• You have a general foundation of technical knowledge and interest so you can connect to the actual work the team is doing
• Teams of high skilled professional’s except you naturally as the scrum master
• You are familiar with DevOps
• Speaking fluently in English is required as a number of team members are English speakers

De opdracht betreft het faciliteren en coachen van een team opdat het dev ops scrum een zogenaamd high performing team wordt. Het team moet goed gaan scoren op het gebied van collaboration, team spirit, doing what is necessary, experimentation and learning, open and respectful communication.
De ervaring leert dat een team gemiddeld genomen minimaal een jaar begeleid moet worden om de gewenste scores te halen. Derhalve zal de opdracht initieel voor een jaar zijn en worden verlengd al naar gelang de scores na een jaar nog niet op niveau zijn.
De specifieke kennis om zowel als gecertificeerd scrum master faciliterend te kunnen optreden alsmede op professioneel niveau individu en team te kunnen coachen. De scrum master is vrij in de wijze van het behalen van het resultaat.

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