SRQ126137 - Coordinator / Middleware and Integration Specialist Sr

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For equensWordlline in Utrecht we're looking for a Coördinator  / Middleware and Integration Specialist Sr

Contacting the manager is not allowed by equensWorldlline. If supplier's accountmanager has contact, supplier can be excluded from this request/

You will be working in Operations, Technical Engineering, Shared Services, File Transfer Team in Utrecht.

Your tasks includes: 
Coordinate the team with the tasks at hand giving the priority shifts on a daily basis to ensure the operational readiness of Instant Payments: 
-Increase team performance by giving clear work packages and team setup using JARA and Agile way of working.
-Manage work at hand and the Backlog
-Setup the distributed team for operating and managing the instant payment middleware.
-Reduce complex work and failure by automation
-Improve end to end Deployment process
-Evaluate issues and develop and implement improvements
-Align with the main stakeholders

CV requirements:
Have experience in Middleware Open source components to adapt quick and release the seniors of workload.
Knowledge of Opensource middleware like aMQ, JBOSS, LDAP is required
Excellent knowledge of the English language is required

Knowledge of Dutch language is not required

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